Web Design


Your successful online presence depends on a good website,

but there are another 5 essential components to success.

Web Design


Your successful online presence depends on a good website,

but there are another 5 essential components to success.

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Responsive design

Websites should be designed for all devices: desktop, smartphone and tablet. Funky desktop designs may not work on mobile devices.

Majority of visitors to your site will be using a mobile device so it is best to design for mobile first. You can still get funky with your desktop version!

On smaller formats usability issues can arise making a site difficult to navigate.

For most people we suggest a content management system (CMS) and recommend WordPress. We build on WordPress CMS using the Divi premium theme builder.


Google and mobile first ranking

As of 2018 Google altered its search algorithm to prioritise mobile over desktop versions of websites. This means that the mobile version is now the starting point for Google’s ranking of content.

If you do not have a mobile version this will impact hugely on ranking. Having a mobile version will not hurt ranking of desktop versions but serves to enhance them.

Furthermore, implementation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) protocols are highly advisable for speed of your site on mobile devices and enhanced Google rankings.

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Content creation

High quality content is another essential element in your site design. It should reflect your message and brand image clearly, be engaging for humans to read and inspire them to take action.

Most web designers do not author your content, you are required to supply it. At Eco Freelance we will create your content for you.

Finally, while quality content is king, no content goes anywhere without being correctly optimised for search engines. Read about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) next.

Recent Work

Wild Food Mary

Wild Food Forager & Educator

Ireland’s Cultural & Culinary Tour Guide

Website with events calendar, social media profiles and payments.

Crann Og Eco Farm

Get Back to Nature
Eco Experiences & Wellness
An Eco Sustainable Community in the Burren Lowlands, IRELAND

Websites, social media, digital marketing, venue and events management.

Conscious Earth Retreats

Healing Retreats In Nature

Near Silves, Algarve, Portugal.

Website, social media, event advice, some catering too.

Wysteria Lodge

Digital Detox Holidays

Algarve, Portugal.


Eco-Stay Ireland

Gold Certified Ecotourism and Wellness Retreat Venue

Galway, Ireland

Website, digital marketing, venue and events management

Crann Og Eco Farm before becoming a sustainable community.

Solitude Retreats

Unplugged in the wilderness

Meet yourself through deep

Nature connection



Build your site faster with templates

Yoga Studio    Holiday Venue   Organic Food

Physical Therapist    Yoga Studio 2    Life Coach

    More Coming Soon

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Online presence

Branding relates to the image, feel and reputation of your online presence. A unique and recognisable identity is invaluable to attract and hold attention.

Creating a brand presence requires research into potential market, demographics, content placement and promotion strategies.

Thorough brand creation is done in conjunction with SEO and website building. SEO is a critical aspect of branding as it determines your online position, thus the feel of your persona and all of this informs the website build.


Brand success has many components

Here are just a few of the exhaustive list of elements included in a successful brand image:

Mission statement

Genre/niche identification

Audience demographics

Values and ethics

Brand boundaries

Brand message

Custom domain name

Custom email address

Brand logo

Logo variations


Social Media

Click to unlock the Complete Branding Checklist here.

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Digital Marketing

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Integrated digital marketing

Digital marketing is a key element to the success of any business. Even micro-businesses and solopreneurs can benefit hugely from successful campaigns.

However, a lot of planning and strategy is required to conduct precision campaigns effectively.

Specialist agencies exist and are typically expensive to engage as this is potentially a very high return investment for any business, or a strategic disaster.

Complex and multifaceted, we have dedicated an entire page to the subject, head over to Digital Marketing to get the full picture.

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GDPR and Compliance

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What Is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect on May 25th 2018. It applies to all persons and businesses that collect and process personal data within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Furthermore, it applies to data collectors and processors located outside the EU and EEA who do, or may handle personal data of EU citizens and data controllers. Therefore you could say that GDPR applies worldwide in the case of internet services and international trade.

Thorough explanation of GDPR can be read in GDPR demystified for sole traders and small businesses: Part 1. The most important compliance topics for SME’s and solopreneurs is discussed in Part 2.


Key principles of GDPR

The core principle is that individuals have complete control over their personal data and that their data is collected only with their explicit consent.

Complying with GDPR requires all your online and offline business processes honor the following individuals’ rights:

The right to be informed

The right of access

The right to rectification

The right to erasure

The right to restrict processing

The right to data portability

The right to object

Rights in relation to automated decision making and profiling



GDPR presents many technical issues for websites, digital marketing and offline processes. You may also need to comply with CAN-SPAM and other regional regulations.

Many points are difficult for small businesses to achieve and needless to say firms specialising in GDPR compliance are expensive.

We ensure GDPR compliance by design and by default. We advise on attaining compliance and provide compliance audits, policies and procedures customised for small businesses.

Contact us to discuss:

GDPR Appraisal of Your Website

GDPR Small Business Full Package

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Functionality add-ons

Additional functionality can be added to websites and are usually required for businesses. Such integrations cover a broad spectrum of functions, efficiencies, automation and cool tricks.

However, it is important to assess any potential addition for absolute necessity as additions may use more server resources and impact site speed.

Furthermore, additional processes may present additional compatibility and security issues, important considerations in light of customer expectations and GDPR compliance.

Typical integrations include but are not limited to:

Calendar and contact forms

Complex conditional logic forms

Social media and digital marketing integration

Booking engines

Blogs and galleries

Membership websites serving pay for only content

E-commerce gateways and onsite shops

Live chat support and sales assistants

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