Terms of Service


1  Definitions

Below are the definitions of the expressions used throughout this document:

1.1  Eco Freelance Support – The business operation and team members.

1.2  Client – a person who engages any services or products (digital) of Eco Freelance Support.

1.3  Deposit – The down payment of 40% to commence services.

1.4  Balance – The remaining amount to be paid on any service or product.

1.5  Instalment – periodic or ad-hoc payment by a client for services or products after a deposit has been paid and before full payment is made.

1.6  Interim Charge Caps – the total amount that may be outstanding on any ongoing service or product.

1.7  Speculative Work – work done without prior acceptance of/or payment of fees, whereby any client or prospective client receives services, products and/or intellectual property to their benefit without paying for Eco Freelance Support time and resources.

1.8  Client Confidentiality – protection of data and intellectual property owned by the client, where the engagement of Eco Freelance Support services requires the interaction with this data and property in order to supply services and products to the client.



2  Billing

1.1  Time tracking software is used for all Eco Freelance Support works, so in the case of short term or limited scale projects, fees to clients will compile all minutes worked, rounded up to the nearest hour, and charged at the relevant hourly rate.

1.2  Short Term Rates:  for small scale projects, advice and emergency services charged at €50/hour.

1.3  Long Term Rates:  typically projects and services charged at a quoted total price, accepted by the client prior to the commencement of works, as agreed by payment of the deposit.

1.4  Existing Client Content:  edits to existing website content, blog and social media content, proofing and editing charged at €35/hour.

1.5  Collaboration:  other forms of exchange between Eco Freelance Support and clients by way of exchange of goods and services in kind, revenue and profit sharing, payment in gold, payment by crypto-currency.

1.6  Changes to scope:  changes requested by the client that are beyond the scope of the initial parameters of the project, classified as short term works are charged at €50/hour. Changes requested by the client as above, classified as long term works, will be subject to additional quotation by Eco Freelance Support, and acceptance by the client with payment of deposit, prior to commencement of works.



3  Late Payment

Our Payment terms are strictly 14 days from the date of invoice, unless otherwise specified on the client invoice.

Late payments will incur a late payment fee of 10% of the value of the invoice, payable monthly until the account is paid in full.

In addition to the interest due, Eco Freelance Support will charge a minimum fixed sum of €40 as compensation for recovery costs. Furthermore, compensation from the debtor for any recovery costs exceeding that fixed sum and incurred due to the late payment (eg: lawyer/debt collection agency fees) will be sought from the debtor.



4  Interim Charge Caps

The maximum amount of fees due for services and products ongoing and supplied by Eco Freelance Support can not exceed €400. When the total amount outstanding exceeds this limit, the client is required to make an interim payment to bring this amount below the interim charge cap. This condition applies to existing and new clients alike.



5  Scheduling

Eco Freelance Support is available for contact and client support between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 (WEST), Monday to Friday.  Clients with an existing relationship with us have additional access to our services outside of these times.

If you are a new client or simply making some enquiries, please do not expect an immediate response outside of these times.



6  Speculative Work

Under no circumstances will speculative work be conducted or offered by Eco Freelance Support. We reserve the right to alter this condition for existing clients at our discretion.



7  Termination of Services by Client

In the event of a client wishing to terminate works, for whatever reason, fees payable by the client are the value of the works conducted by Eco Freelance Support up to the time of being notified by the client to cease work, charged at the rate agreed between Eco Freelance Support and the client for the works commenced.

Furthermore, any works conducted by Eco Freelance Support, in part or in full, that are rejected by the client or form part of services or products provided so far, and that may include advice, may not be used by the client in part or in full under any circumstances.



8  Ownership Rights

Eco Freelance Support retains the right to use works conducted on behalf of clients for the purpose of promotion in the form of case studies, portfolio and/or repertoire.

In the case of documentation supplied by Eco Freelance Support, such as in the case of GDPR policies, the client understands they retain ownership to the policy document bearing their details only, and that these documents may be/have been generated from templates owned by Eco Freelance Support and used for similar policies created for other clients of Eco Freelance Support.

At the completion of payment for services and products by the client, the client retains all other major usage rights. The client then becomes the owner of the final product.

In the case of website development, the client incurs an additional fee (calculated as 15% of the total value of the website development fees) for the removal of ‘Website’ link to Eco Freelance Support, located in the footer of their website.


9  Unforeseen or Sudden Termination of a Project

In the unlikely event of Eco Freelance Support terminating the project, service and supply of product, files and/or assets will be handed over to the client, the client charged for works completed only up until the point of termination.

Where necessary, Eco Freelance Support will, to the best of our ability, source on the clients behalf, comparable or similar service/product to continue the client’s project.



10  Personal Data

Eco Freelance Support’s treatment of data strictly follows the guidelines of the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 as required by EU Law.

Personal Data is only disclosed if requested by EU regulatory authorities and only if such a request is permissible within the parameters and the ethos of the GDPR 2018 Regulations. Under no other circumstances will Personal Data be disclosed to third parties.

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