• Advice & support for creating & operating projects.
  • Manage your project or operation for you.
  • Identify improvements and implement.

Event & Business

  • Develop new events & collaborations for your venue.
  • Manage events such as retreats & interactive tourism.
  • Advise or manage your ecotourism, back2nature & wellness business.

Environmental Management

  • Develop environmental management systems for projects in sensitive areas.
  • Design monitoring programs to support these systems.
  • Liaison with regulators & stakeholders on your behalf.

Manage, Consult & Exchange

  • Diligent, innovative & hard working folk.
  • Working for you, consulting, mentoring on-line & work exchange.
  • The ultimate in support for ecotourism, back2nature & retreat operators.


Business Mentor Members of


Building Venues & Experiences

  • Design, build & maintain ecotoursim, back2nature & wellness venues & centres.
  • Conventional, ‘eco’ & recycle building, carpentry, renovations, renewable energies.
  • Determining themes & interpretations of eco & wellness experiences, creating & promoting the experiences.

We Manage & Optimize Eco Businesses

  • Complete venue management from administration to marketing, customer satisfaction being top priority.
  • Operating the venue & experiences with high degree of professionalism & in accordance with aims, themes & regulations.
  • Finding the best ways to operate your business & optimize it’s sustainability versus conservation of environment & resources.
  • Optimizing the bottom line & your earnings.

We Manage & Optimize Eco Businesses

  • Complete venue management from administration to marketing, customer satisfaction being top priority.
  • Operating the venue & experiences with high degree of professionalism & in accordance with aims, themes & regulations.
  • Finding the best ways to operate your business & optimize it’s sustainability versus conservation of environment & resources.
  • Optimizing the bottom line & your earnings.

Eco Certification

  • Manage your venue, business & visitor experiences through to Eco Certification at the highest level by organisations such as The Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
  • Audit, optimize & implement all measures required to attain certification.  Compile & manage applications for certification on your behalf.
  • Design long term management systems, including environmental (EMS – ISO 14000) to maintain highest levels of certification, kudos & visitor confidence in your venue, products & packages.
  • Take care of all that boring statutory reporting and legal stuff for you!

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Professional Member of

Holistic Health

Event & Retreats

  • Highly experienced in this field in personal development & professional service.
  • Created, managed & crewed events & retreats of various modalities including yoga, meditation, qi gong, vipassana, nature therapy, sound healing, mindfulness, organic foods & therapies.
  • Assist creating nature based educational, interpretive & therapeutic events.
  • Compile & manage support teams & direct support of event facilitators & trainers.
  • Manage all logistics including accommodation, catering, transport & customer liaison.
  • Promotion & marketing of events & retreats across diverse range of platforms.


  • Management of venues delivering holistic health & wellness services.
  • Best suited to events enhanced by immersion in, or working closely with nature, combining wellness, education & conservation themes.
  • Specialising in venues created for facilitation of group work, community building, personal development, healing, conservation, nature reconnection & recreation.
  • Adept venue & small to medium business managers, able to tightly manage the logistics & finance, while maintaining the energetic space & compassionate support of facilitators, leaders and participants.
  • We also know how to add all those small & intimate details that make your event unforgettable!


  • Paul is an experienced complimentary therapist, some techniques he works with: reflexology, counselling, polarity, reiki, qi gong, massage, acupressure, all traditional Thai modalities & more.
  • Paul’s background includes project, environmental & business management,  consultancy, occupational health & safety, construction, hospitality, team & volunteer crew leadership.
  • Merle is trained & experienced in wilderness survival techniques, primitive skills & technologies & complete wilderness immersion.  Merle continues training in these fields.
  • Merle’s background includes ecotourism, organic gardening, extensive volunteer work & travel, social media management & graphic design.  Merle holds a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management & completed a 2 year ecotourism management internship.

Immersive Experiences



  • Analyze project/venue/product to determine themes or aims of the experience & target audience.
  • Define themes into a workable structure & identify impacts, stakeholders & resources required to deliver the experience.
  • Designing accurate promotional content & strategy for the potential experience participant.
  • Long term plans monitoring environmental & social impacts and efficacy of the experience/product.

Read article about Creating Interpretive Experiences…

Real Experiences

  • Converting thematic aims into interpretive & interactive experiences, tangible products & services.
  • Environmental, impact management & service policies & systems for operations.
  • Regulatory approval for experiences/products/venues in sensitive areas.
  • Creating infrastructure & managing venues with thematic aims.
  • Developing experience packages & products for visitors.

Practical Expertise

Great team members or managers.  Highly autonomous.

Large skillset make us a great addition to your team, project & community.

Diligent & hard working, we see the mission through.

Building & Renovation

  • Ancient building restoration from castle to cabin using traditional techniques & materials.
  • New builds from cabin to houses, modern and old school methods.
  • Eco & recycle building, skilled at turning anything to re-use.
  • Carpentry including bespoke & theme works.
  • General & structural renovations & advice.

Other Handy Skills

  • Catering of daily team to events, from cooking for small events to managing catering team & logistics for larger events, including menus, chefs & support crew.
  • Customer liaison & hospitality.
  • Media content & creation for websites, print & digital media.
  • Exclusive property & business care-taking short & medium term.

Land & Animals

  • Organic gardening & permaculture.
  • Land reclamation & landscaping.
  • Degraded land rehabilitation & revegetation.
  • Animal husbandry & pet care.

Digital Services


  • Create & mange small to medium WordPress managed websites.
  • Themed content creation & design for your website.
  • Including events calendars, reservations, ticketing, secure commerce & blogging.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of your website(s).
  • Manage your web assets including domains & hosting.
  • Project manage web development for large websites requiring web development firms.
  • Utilise developer analysis tools to optimise design, seo, content & promotional strategies.

Social Media & Design

  • Social media management across all popular platforms utilising optimisation scheduling tools.
  • Themed social media content creation and SEO, including media.
  • Graphic design of promotional & marketing print & digital material.
  • Grow your network to enhance engagement & placement in your genre.
  • Promotion of events through social networks.
  • Youtube channel management.

Latest Management Project

How We Did


Expanded Revenue


Boosted Website traffic


Grew Social Following

Events Managed

We managed this ecotourism & holistic wellness venue from a position of non-certification and under performance to Gold Certification and a booked out calendar.

Managed the venue to Gold re-certification two years later, venue certified to July 2019.

Attained approval from National Parks & Wildlife Service to conduct educational, interpretive and therapeutic activities in an adjoining Special Area of Conservation.

This approval for an ecotourism venue is a blueprint for subsequent ecotourism operators.

The venue is now recognised as one of the top back2nature experiences in Ireland.

Collaborate With Us…

Custom solutions for your project, we offer alternatives outside the box.

The world is changing fast, ways of working & collaborating are morphing.

We’re adaptable & offer a range of collaboration options for people we want to work with.

Hire, partnership, consulting, manage, work exchange & mentoring…

Face to face or online, read more here.

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