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Retreat Challenges

Running retreats and the venues that host them comes with many challenges including effective marketing, team management, logistics coordination and maintaining high service standards.

Building a beautiful venue, creating an excellent reputation and providing sought after retreats requires vision, planning, consistency and plenty of hard work.

Understanding the challenges you face and providing the best, customised solutions is what we do.

Venues – new & existing

Extensive experience working in and managing successful retreat venues, taught us how to book out a calendar, maintain high service standards and manage the bottom line to profitability.

Leaders – new & veteran

Having many retreats under our belt as participants, crew and organisers, we know how to create transformative experiences, bringing out the best in you and your attendees.

Essential Services >

Web Development

Be where your audience is

Online is where most people connect with information, plan and purchase. Even if we are promoting digital detox and getting back to nature, we still must connect with customers and supporters online. Our presence needs to be effective.

Here at Eco Freelance we understand that an effective online presence is about more than just websites and social media. Moreover, if the foundations are laid well, online strategies serve very well in spreading the message and awareness and ensuring a long term presence and wider range of influence in the future.


Beginner Site from €490 | Start Up from €1,950 | Grow Big Site from €2,950 | Pro Site from €3,550

If you can’t afford our fees, we offer payment plans, work-by-donation and will donate our services free in some cases.

The management and organisation of a venue and retreat business can take away precious time and energy from customer engagement and service. Especially during the startup and formative years.

Leveraging the appropriate technology, management and marketing strategies to best fit your retreat business is essential for success.

This enhances time management, customer service, and marketing outcomes, while monitoring business performance and informing planning for the future.

Building the ideal venue and growing a successful business locally or internationally can be daunting.

We work with you to create the best strategy for your long term success.

Big Picture Approach

The best business structure & tools. Incorporating essential long term aspects; leveraging technology for positive outcomes, venue maintenance & renovation programs, timely re-branding, team management & long term financial assessment & planning.

You Can't Beat Experience

We’ve got the management experience and know the best tools and systems to optimise your setup, enhance efficiencies and minimise costs. Based on years of experience with venues and leaders in the fields of wellness retreats, training workshops and ecotourism.

Setup, Training & Support

Complete management setup with training, manual and ongoing support. We create for you the entire business structure based on your vision, train you to use it and provide customised manuals so you can steer your own ship. Or collaborate with you to see it through to success.

Wherever you are in the world we’ve got you covered!

Your own management team and advisors, your go-to guy and gal!

Or hire us to manage your venue or retreats for you, right there on the ground.














Essential Services >

Social Networks

Socials Are Important

Social media platforms connect you with your clients, increase awareness about your services, and in turn help fill your retreats.

It helps to generate credibility about your service and brand by telling people you are active and communicating widely with your audience.

By helping you reach a greater number of potential clients, benefits of social media include reduced marketing costs and increased bookings.

Are Your Social Metrics Low?


Do you have an online presence but never seem to get the high engagement and responses you need?

Are you using the socials most appropriate for your genre and audience? Do you have a brand presence online? Is it easily recognisable and consistent across all platforms?

A comprehensive and consistent brand identity enhances your credibility with your target audience.

Socials must be correctly configured and their content optimised to generate maximum traffic to your business and increase engagement.

How We Help You


Our Content Creation Services work by saving your time, allowing you to continue providing your services and support while your brand remains active online.

Share your ideas and a brief for your content, then leave it to us to quickly create, edit, polish and optimise it for SEO. You proof it and we take care of the publishing across multiple platforms…fast!

We work with you to create a social media schedule of content publishing to keep your online presence active, relevant and ‘on brand’.  We use the latest software to schedule your media posts across all platforms with ease, even while you sleep!


We’ll optimise your social networks and max out those metrics to get you flying high!

Essential Services >

Digital Marketing

Make your online presence fly

Establishing our online presence is a vital first step that lays the foundation for success. Offline marketing is no longer reliable or viable for most applications.

Marketing is now predominantly digital as this is where most people can be found on a consistent basis. There are many ways that a business connects with their audience online, these are referred to as channels.

Significant effort is required to make successful digital marketing strategies that cover many channels. Relying on any one channel is not wise.

Therefore it is important to select the most appropriate channels for any campaign. Creating an online presence and brand is an investment. That investment will only generate return if supported by well informed digital strategies.

Business Digital Marketing; StartUp from €85/month | Grow Big from €190/month | Pro Suite from €380/month

If you can’t afford our fees, we offer payment plans, work-by-donation and will donate our services free in some cases.

Essential Services >

Vision and Planning

We’ve been around, so we understand the essential foundations required for success. We know the fine detail and finishing touches matter too!

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already established, comprehensive management plans and goal setting for the future are invaluable. And they must be scalable, so you can adapt to changing trends in your genre and demographics.


Creating A Venue

From the ground up, quality, style & ambience. We love getting our hands dirty!


Finishing Touches

Setting your venue & retreats apart from the competition is really important.

b3lineicon|b3icon-heart-care||Heart Care

Venue Gurus

Sound venue and event management, we are your ultimate support crew.

b3lineicon|b3icon-user-support||User Support

Bookings & Logistics

Create the best bookings and logistics systems for you and your customers’ needs.

b3lineicon|b3icon-board-char||Board Char

Maxing The Revenue

Finding economies, optimising work flows, increasing ROI and recovering time.


Upkeep & Enhancements

All that boring long term planning, from feedback loops to maintenance.

Maximise your client satisfaction by creating events that are environmentally and socially sustainable.


Event Digital Marketing;  StartUp from €85/event   |   Grow Big from €190/event   |   Pro Suite from €380/event

If you can’t afford our fees, we offer payment plans, work-by-donation and will donate our services free in some cases.



Paul, Merle and their team worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth running of our event, the vegetarian food was delicious & the workshop space inspiring. Participants bonded more, talked deeper & appreciated simpler things we often take for granted.

The camp-fire dinner is a memory we all hold very dear…..Thank you for a memorable & unique retreat!

Louise Kleu, Owner, Lomi Lomi Massage Ireland



We held a four-day retreat, followed by an eight day training program. The staff were amazing, very attentive to the needs of our staff and our participants.

And don’t even get me started on the food… let’s just say it’s a daily feast that leaves everyone smiling!

Amos Clifford, Founder & Director, Association of Nature and Forest Therapy


During our event Paul’s and Merle’s warmth and willingness to work with our last minute requests and changing circumstances while maintaining a balanced, caring respect for our participants, their staff and the venue was outstanding.

Jeff Bartlett, Events Manager, Sacred Fire Community Europe & US

Essential Services >

Ongoing Support

The Long Game

Having a great business setup and online presence is just the beginning. Your valuable online assets need to be maintained in order for you to stay on top.

This is where most solopreneurs, startups and small businesses feel the pressure; how to continue providing excellent client service while maintaining an active and relevant online presence and growing business.

Our Solutions

By providing all the services offered by big agencies for people like you, so you are right where your clients are!

We’re a small tactical team with minimal overheads so we can keep the costs real and affordable, so you can continue to grow and make the world an even better place.

Ad hoc or long term support packages, we’ve got you covered.

b3lineicon|b3icon-user-rating||User Rating

We know what it takes to run retreats.

We’ve been on your side of the coin as therapist, retreat hosts and venue managers. We get it!


Venue Managers

Employ us to manage your venue and events on the ground or remote. We mentor too!

b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-chart||Computer Chart

Digital Marketing

Complete multi channel marketing from research to publishing to analytics and insights. – Read more –


Content Marketing

Optimised content published in all the right places. Your ideas + our professional support = more visitors and more clients. – Read more –


Social Media Management

Profile optimisations, cross platform branding and regular post and event publishing. We create it, you proof it, we publish it fast. – Read more –


Website Maintenance

Website monitoring, software updates, server maintenance and security management. We take care of all the behind the scenes geekery.

b3lineicon|b3icon-mediacl-gear||Mediacl Gear

Ad Hoc Services

Single event digital marketing, social profile overhauls, single blog and social posts.

Retreat Venues & Leaders Support

Service (check all that apply)

Query (check all that apply)


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