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Conservation Challenges

Caring for natural and cultural heritage while protecting fragile ecosystems and ancient sites can be demanding. Preservation criteria are difficult to achieve with limited resources.

It’s a challenging juggling act combining conservation with public education, while accessing professional services to further the cause, typically with small budgets and teams.

We support conservation and nature based awareness education by providing professional services at very affordable rates or finding solutions way outside the box to suit any budget. We’ll donate our services if we can!

Core Challenges

All aspects of conservation and awareness projects loop back to funding and technical resources. Insufficient resources restrict efforts towards public and regulatory awareness, limit means to enlist experts for critical studies and limit capacity for actual preservation measures.


By providing access to as many professional services as possible, within the constraints of limited resources is how we support you. When it comes to nature it’s not about money, it’s about principles. We’ll find the solutions that support you, no matter what. It’s our mission!

The wellbeing of humanity and viability of earth and all its species is dependent on all people

re-establishing a healthy relationship with the natural world.

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Advance With Expertise

Getting Started – Advance the Cause

Conservation projects and public awareness education need expert collaboration, usually across multiple disciplines.

It is often more difficult to get such projects off the ground compared with solely recreational activities.

We are your expertise foundation to get your project connected with the right people and funding.

Technical documentation is part of any nature conservation study

Technical Documentation

Gaining support for conservation and awareness education require professional and technical documentation to substantiate findings and proposals. Years of eperience in environmental consultancy and certified sustainable tourism management underpin our technical support.

Botanical research team in the forest during a conservation assessment

Research Teams

Conservation issues and awareness training are potentially complex subjects often requiring study and input from multiple scientific and social disciplines. We liaise with and manage teams of experts from multiple disciplines,  and collate and interpret the integrated research.

Regulatory compliance concept drawing showing essential components


Red tape is unavoidable, understanding the role and functions of regulators is essential. They are potentially strong allies for your proposals. We know how to speak their language and address their needs. All projects benefit from transparent and open relationships with regulators.

Professional Support - You've Found It

We are here to support and promote projects of environemntal conservation and public awareness education. It’s what we live for!

Vast experience of environmental management in heavy industry, combined with years in ecotourism and experience in conservation zones, we know how to get all the boxes ticked.

If you’ve got an environmental cause you need to get off the ground, or you need assistance to further an exisitng project, talk to us, we’ll provide all the technical support to make it happen! 

Global conservation concept of natural resources between two human hands with trees, birds sky and clouds

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Public Awareness
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Environmental issues have stakeholders, that is people who have an interest in, or are affected by the feature and measures to preserve it.

All stakeholders must be involved in any conservation project and associated activities. There will be a range of perspectives and opinions within any group, thus all must be involved in the process.

A good conservation or awareness project must address all stakeholder concerns and implement appropriate measures. Stakeholders can be strong supporters and a source of sound ideas and methods.


Public Awareness

An essential aspect to success of conservation efforts is the extent to which local communities understand the preservation objectives.

Critical to understanding and generating support are communication, educational and public awareness programs. Effectiveness in raising public awareness is about more than conveying information with the community.

It is about changing perceptions and behaviours. Well designed awareness programs seek in inspire conservational attitudes and actions in the audience, and the most relevant audience is reached.


Policy & Beyond

The most dificult area in which to bring about change is public policy, as advocacy involves protecting the natural world and the public from environmental hazards.

Inevitably the interests of economic, political and cultural spheres will influence conservation efforts and may act as barriers to effective change at environmental management and policy level.

Building strong relationships within the community and seeking coalitions with like minded groups are key. United, informed and organised conservation groups are more likely to engage policymakers.

Although it’s about nature conservation, we still need to leverage technology to

connect with our audience and increase public awareness.


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Environmental impact assessments are the evaluation of the positive and negative outcomes, actual and potential, of policies, plans and activities within the environment. These are conducted prior to regulatory approvals as part of the approval process.

It is common that comprehensive management plans will incorporate environmental monitoring, statutory reporting and periodic re-assessments in support of continued regulatory approvals.


Scientist conducting environmental monitoring sampling at a stream in woodlands

Impacts and Plans

Our experience in industry and ecotourism ensure we can develop comprehensive environmental management systems for your conservation and awareness projects. We will compile detailed impact assessments and regulatory applications on your behalf and can mentor you through approval strategies.

Conservation Areas

We’re used to constructive dialogues with regulators and know the criteria by which they assess sensitive projects. Conversant with assessment and audit procedures, we get the job done most efficiently. We enjoy working cooperatively with environmental agencies to see a project to completion, with positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

Highest Standards

Years of experience in environmental management in heavy industry and ecotourism. Under our belts are environmental excellence awards, gold certified ecotourism destination management and interpretive trail, forest school and nature therapy activities in special areas of conservation.

Whatever the environmental issue, we’re here to help!


We have solutions to suit your needs and budget. Full project management,

consultancy, ad hoc support and mentoring.






















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Web Development

Be where your audience is

Online is where most people connect with information, plan and purchase. Even if our interests are largely nature oriented, we need visitors, customers and supporters, we need a presence online.

Here at Eco Freelance we understand that an effective online presence is about more than just websites and social media. Moreover, if the foundations are laid well, online strategies serve very well in spreading the message and awareness.

OFFER: Free Starter webpages for environmental conservation causes and movements.  – Contact Us –


Beginner Site from €490 | Start Up from €1,950 | Grow Big Site from €2,950 | Pro Site from €3,550

If you can’t afford our fees, we offer payment plans and also work-by-donation. 

We donate our services to environmental causes whenever we can.


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Digital Marketing

Make your online presence fly

Establishing our online presence is a vital first step that lays the foundation for success. Offline marketing is no longer reliable or viable for most applications.

Marketing is now predominantly digital as this is where most people can be found on a consistent basis. There are many ways that a business connects with their audience online, these are referred to as channels.

Significant effort is required to make successful digital marketing strategies that cover many channels. Relying on any one channel is not wise.

Therefore it is important to select the most appropriate channels for any campaign. Creating an online presence and brand is an investment. That investment will only generate return if supported by well informed digital strategies.

Business Digital Marketing; StartUp from €85/month | Grow Big from €190/month | Pro Suite from €380/month


If you can’t afford our fees, we offer payment plans and also work-by-donation. 

We donate our services to environmental causes whenever we can.

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Ongoing Support

The Long Game

Having a great business setup and online presence is just the beginning. Your valuable online assets need to be maintained in order for you to stay on top.

This is where most solopreneurs, startups and small businesses feel the pressure; how to continue providing excellent client service while maintaining an active and relevant online presence and growing business.

Our Solutions

By providing all the services offered by big agencies for people like you, so you are right where your clients are!

We’re a small tactical team with minimal overheads so we can keep the costs real and affordable, so you can continue to grow and make the world an even better place.

Ad hoc or long term support packages, we’ve got you covered.

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We know what it takes to get the word out.

We’ve been on your side of the coin as environmentalists and successful ecotourism operators. We get it!


Venue Managers

Employ us to manage your venue and events on the ground or remote. We mentor too!

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Digital Marketing

Complete multi channel marketing from research to publishing to analytics and insights. – Read more –


Social Media Management

Profile optimisations, cross platform branding and regular post and event publishing. We create it, you proof it, we publish it fast. – Read more –


Content Marketing

Optimised content published in all the right places. Your ideas + our professional support = more visitors and more clients. – Read more –


Website Maintenance

Website monitoring, software updates, server maintenance and security management. We take care of all the behind the scenes geekery.

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Impacts Monitoring

Monitoring programs to evaluate environmental and social impacts of ecotourism.

Nature Conservation & Awareness Support

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