Digital and Social Marketing


Successful digital marketing strategies cover multiple channels

in order to reach the widest audience possible.

Digital and Social Marketing

Successful digital marketing strategies cover multiple channels

in order to reach the widest audience possible.

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Targeted Marketing


Identifying your audience


Promoting an important message and selling goods and services online requires us to identify our audience first. Who is the content for and where and how to engage with the audience.

Demographic profiles and preferences are essential and feed into the process of determining keywords and phrases that will form the linkage of all your digital marketing efforts.


Appropriate channels

Target audience research should identify the most appropriate channels for engaging your audience.

Social media platforms they use, how they search and what technology they use are key factors.

Furthermore, this data helps determine which paid marketing and content marketing channels to use to achieve marketing goals.

Finally, audience research will demonstrate how best to retarget your audience to increase conversions.

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SEO is king

All channels of marketing are powered by search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO enables search engines to index your content for ranking in Serps.

Content must be optimised for your audience to find you online.

SEO is informed by the audience research and is combined of onpage seo, offpage and technical seo. Content marketing channels will be highly ineffective without seo.

Paid digital marketing channels also benefit greatly from best seo practices.

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Online Presence

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Brand and position

Firstly, your online presence is enhanced by creating a brand or unique identity that aligns with your target audience.

An effective brand has many components including a memorable logo, website or blog, a clear message or voice, perceivable values and aspirations.

Strong brand identity claims your position in the digital marketplace and creates a persona your audience relates to. Discover the full list of branding elements in our checklist below.

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Social reach

Social media platforms are valuable mechanisms to connect with your audience. There are many and so it is important to select those which work best for you and your customers.

Engaging with your audience through social platforms builds trust. If there are social proofs speaking highly of your services or products, people are more comfortable engaging with and paying you.

Ultimately your digital interface with your customers should be user friendly, and this means mobile friendly. Increasingly, this also means voice search friendly, which has SEO implications.

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Content Marketing


Stands the test of time

Content marketing is a long term investment, whereas paid channels and other forms of direct advertising diminish in effectiveness soon after finishing.

Primarily the creation and promotion of material for the purposes of enhancing brand awareness, content marketing increases online traffic, lead generation and customer acquisition over time.

Importantly, successful content represents value to your customers and therefore to search engines. Needless to say, content marketing efforts are supercharged by SEO best practices.



Types of content marketing

Here are content marketing channels we can help you with at Eco Freelance:

Blog posts

Guest posting on authoritative blogs



Infographics and Gifographics


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Mobile + Geolocation

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Mobile responsiveness

Presently, most search queries are from mobile devices, as are site visits and online purchases. Essentially all your online assets should be configured for mobile devices first.

Furthermore, Google’s mobile first ranking, in effect since 2018, will prioritise mobile versions of sites, and mobile only sites in search rankings. This trend will continue to rise and screen interfaces will soon be a thing of the past.

Geo targeting using device IP address, GPS and geofencing, enables marketing channels to target local customers and provide local offers.

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Audience Engagement


Building relationships

Firstly it must be said, if you want to engage your audience, you need to be where your audience is.

Secondly, the more emotional investment you evoke in you and your material, the more engagement there will be between you and your customers.

Build community and foster relationships by replying to people online, encouraging reviews and questions, answering people, providing interesting insight and relevant content. Consistency and quality are key.

Be quick to respond to reviews, issues and feedback, both positive and negative. How you handle (especially negative) feedback can win or lose customers.


Email marketing

Email marketing is used to deliver targeted marketing to people who signed up for the email service.

Email is a form of direct communication with your audience. It can be used to promote content, events and discounts and direct your audience to your website.

Providing subscribers with relevant, high quality content (the reason they signed up) directly in their inbox increases positive engagement. Types of emails that may be sent are:

Welcome emails

Subscription newsletters

Follow-up emails to website visitors who bought or downloaded from your site

Promotions to members

Tips or how to emails for customer nurturing

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Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of interacting with potential customers either from the start of their engagement, or if they disengage with your processes.

Being with potential customers, and more importantly existing ones, from the start and throughout their ‘customer journey’ has been shown to have large positive benefits.

Notably, the most savvy marketers work hard to nurture visitors who disengaged by using follow ups to engage their interest.

Automation such as Customer Relations Management (CRM) software are invaluable to this process and combined with lead nurturing can create spectacular results.

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Analysis metrics

Digital marketing analytics differs from website analytics in that it is people centric rather than traffic and page focussed.

Furthermore, it is richer data as it shows the effectiveness of, and the relationship between, different marketing channels.

Deep dive digital marketing analytics provide highly valuable intelligence that informs the direction of future campaigns.

In addition, customer feedback should be collected, at the right point in the ‘customer journey’. Also include data from reviews and social platforms.

Feedback can then be categorised (negative, positive, requests, etc.) and analysed.

Combining feedback, social media analytics and deep dive marketing analytics draws a very clear picture of the effectiveness of campaigns and business processes. It is often highly revealing.

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