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Your Challenges

Time, time, time. Having enough of it to provide your service, while trying to run and grow a business AND keep up with all the techy and business stuff you need to do to support that. That’s what we do best!

Getting on top of it all, and staying there, is the big challenge, especially with the speed at which technology changes. No one person can do it all and provide excellent service at the same time…you need professional support.

Don’t waste your valuable work time reinventing the wheel. We’ve already charted the course and know the pitfalls, how best to avoid them, and the shortest path to success in your field!

Paul during his time as a physical therapist.

Websites Builds, Integrations & Maintenance

To build a relevant audience you need a responsive, GDPR compliant website.

Don’t know how to build a website?

Don’t know how to integrate with, and leverage all the other internet services to grow your audience?

Maybe you have your own website but it’s not creating enough new leads and clients?

We’ll create a winning website or overhaul your existing website to grow your audience.

Affordable website maintenance and backup support services tailored for your needs.

Want to build your own website but need guidance, you need our Mentor Service.



Fully mobile device responsive websites. One design for all devices or device specific designs to suit your needs.


Search Engine Optimisation

Sound SEO is essential for any website to generate relevant traffic, especially in the age of mobile first indexing by Google.



Ease of use and navigation of a site require a consistent approach across many site design elements to be effective.



In today’s rapidly evolving IT environment, security and data protection is perhaps the most important aspect.



Integrate your website with social media, e-commerce, email and customer relations management software.


Content Updates

Creation and updating of site content is essential to remain relevant to your audience and enhance your search rankings.

Struggling with GDPR?

Don’t know what it is?  Don’t know how to go about getting compliant?

Happy Clients >>


Do you feel that managing and organising your service takes away precious time and energy you’d rather spend looking after your clients?

Streamline the process by leveraging technology for efficiency and structure in your management system.

Want to grow your service and work internationally, build your dream practice or venue?  We’ll help you realise your dream!

We’ve got the management experience, tools and systems to optimise your services, increase revenue and minimise costs.

Based on years of experience with projects in the fields of wellness, retreats and ecotourism.

Complete management setup with training, manual and ongoing support.

Or Your own management team, achieving your business goals in the time and budget that suit you.  Wherever you are.



If you have a dream we will help you realise it



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Social Media

Why Is Social Media Important

Social media platforms help you connect with your clients, increase awareness about your services, and boost your leads and bookings.

It helps to generate credibility about your service and brand by telling people you are active and communicating widely with your audience.

By helping you reach a greater number of potential clients, benefits of social media include reduced marketing costs and increased bookings.

Common Pitfalls Of Social Media


Creating effective social media content to enhance your reputation takes time. Some of that time you’d rather spend working with people, or having time away to recharge.

Social platform users may be unaware of how to optimise their media posts and business profiles for the highest engagement with their desired audience. This can lead to inconsistency in identity and brand across multiple platforms, diluting the impact of your online presence.

Simply put, social media can be a big drain on your time, really valuable time better spent working with your clients or having your own life away from service.


How We Help You


Our Content Creation and Translation Services work by saving your time, allowing you to continue providing your services and support while your brand remains active online.

Share your ideas and a brief for your content, then leave it to us to quickly create, edit, polish and optimise it for SEO. You proof it and we take care of the publishing across multiple platforms…fast!

We work with you to create a social media schedule of content publishing to keep your online presence active, contemporary and ‘on brand’.  We use the latest software to schedule your media posts across all platforms with ease.

Digital Marketing…

Grows your business in the digital era by leveraging;


Social Media Marketing


Content Marketing


Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Marketing


Email Marketing


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

We do all of this for you or mentor you through the process.

All while providing you with detailed, easy to understand insights and analytics.

Workshops and Retreats

We are experienced event managers and crew, so whether you’re new to wellness events or a seasoned veteran, our full suite of event support from research right through to feedback is just what you’re looking for!


Market Research

Clearly define your audience demographics.


Events Promotion

The best methods & places to promote you.

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Financial Management

Maximise your earnings while limiting costs.

b3lineicon|b3icon-user-support||User Support

Bookings & Logistics

Manage bookings & arrange all event logistics.


Events Support

Catering, team & client management.

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Feedback & Assessment

Participant feedback loops to hone your events.

Maximise your client satisfaction by creating events that are environmentally and socially responsible and sustainable.


Ongoing Support

The Long Game

Having a great business setup and online presence is just the beginning. Your valuable online assets need to be maintained in order for you to stay on top.

This is where most solopreneurs, startups and small businesses feel the pressure; how to continue providing excellent client service while maintaining an active and relevant online presence and growing business.

Our Solutions

By providing all the services offered by big agencies for people like you, so you are right where your clients are!

We’re a small tactical team with minimal overheads so we can keep the costs real and affordable, so you can continue to grow and make the world an even better place.

Ad hoc or long term support packages, we’ve got you covered.

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We've been there and we know what it takes to succeed.

We’ve been on your side of the coin as therapist, retreat hosts and venue managers. We get it!


Website Maintenance

Website monitoring, software updates, server maintenance and security management. We take care of all the behind the scenes geekery.


Social Media Management

Profile optimisations, cross platform branding and regular post and event publishing. We create it, you proof it, we publish it fast.


Content Marketing

Optimised and polished content published in all the right places. Your ideas + our professional support = more visitors and more clients.

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Digital Marketing

Complete multi channel marketing from research to publishing to analytics and insights.

b3lineicon|b3icon-mediacl-gear||Mediacl Gear

Ad Hoc Services

Single event digital marketing, social profile overhauls, single blog and social posts.

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Other Stuff

Logo and graphic design, print media, translation services EN <-> DE.

Alternative Therapists Support

Service (check all that apply)

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