At Eco Freelance we believe the wellbeing of humanity and viability of earth and all its species is dependent on all people re-establishing a healthy relationship with the natural world. We’re really passionate about it and our mission is to help people create change.

Especially if that is trying to make the global community sustainable, healthy and cooperative. We are here to help the warriors, communities and movements that will make that happen. We’re excited to bring our experience and skills to the table to help these folks be heard and followed.

Our Story

We’re a startup 30 years in the making, launched April 2019!

Our startup is founded on decades of experience in the fields we service.

We came up with the idea of Eco Freelance in late 2017 while working in the wellness and ecotourism genres.  Over the years, we found many of the folks we worked with had struggled to make technology and business management work to their advantage.

They didn’t have all the tools, technical skills or the business expertise to keep up with rapidly evolving technology and changes in business.  Often for them, engaging all the services they need is too expensive or overly complicated.


So we started with a simple goal…

Provide an affordable service for those people to get off the runway and flying.  To chart and support their success, learning and growing together!

Since then we have been crystallising our services, researching and aquiring new skills.

We’ve already worked with some good people and are really excited about working with heaps more good folk through 2019 and beyond!



Paul King

Paul King

Old dog with new tricks


I’ve been evolving towards this role for 30+ years, starting out with environmental management in industry in the late 80’s and through the 90’s. A change of life propelled me into alternative therapies and wellness as 2k rolled around. Travelling the world in this field I began to move more into the wellness retreat genre. Over time this began to overlap with the eco-sustainability and ecotourism fields. Finally arriving in the combined nature based wellness and eco experience tourism genres. I have won awards for environmental management and headed up successful gold standard ecotourism venues. I love helping agents of change find their place and voice and enjoy contributing my skills and experience in whatever way they need.

Merle Diekmann

Merle Diekmann

Young talent with a wise head


I bring youthful exhuberance to the team and knowledge of all things modern. I decided from the get go that I was going to contribute to environmental awareness however I could. Having a warrior conservationist spirit ever since, I have not lost my passion for conservation. While a student moving towards a career in marine biology, I began volunteering in eco-projects, farms and forestry. Along the way learning bushcraft and survival skills too. Not interested in the typical I jumped straight into an ecotourism management internship after study. I then moved into full time employment in the sector in managerial roles. Moving into the wellness retreat genre along the way, that’s where we met. The next step was to pool our talents and start Eco Freelance.

You – The Folks We Support 


Supporting people making positive change…


That’s a broad spectrum of folks in this era of rapid change. Primarily we’re here for people needing help getting off the ground so their voice can be heard and they can be found.

Furthermore, we also work with people who have left the runway but need some help getting even higher so they can make a bigger impact and increase their range of influence.


Click on the list below to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Scroll through the slides on the right/below for a sample of recent work.

Folks we get awesome for (click here)

Ecotourism Related

  • Ecotourism, sustainable & responsible tourism
  • Volun-tourism & experiential tourism
  • Wilderness adventures

Ecotourism & Sustainable Development click here >

Wellness Related

  • Well-being & wellness retreats
  • Meditation, yoga retreats & venues
  • Alternative therapists and teachers
  • Holistic health training venues
  • Spiritual retreat centres
  • Ecotherapy or nature therapy
  • Animal oriented therapy
  • Nature and solitude retreats

Retreats & Venues click here >

Wellness Therapists click here >

Nature Based Education & Awareness

  • Thematic experiences for nature education
  • Forest school for children and youth
  • Environmental conservation causes
  • Outdoor & survival skills training

Nature Conservation & Awareness click here >

Working Together For Change

We collaborate with people who wish to be positive influencers.

Technological change is rampant and problematic, yet we all need to leverage technology to connect with our audience, run our projects and spread our message.

Furthermore we all want support from folk who understand the challenges we face and can see our vision of the future.

To remain effective promoting positive change, we need to work together as a team!

First European Training Course

Of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy we hosted in Ireland. Merle is 4th from left, Paul 7th from left up the back.

Woodland Conservation Walk

Dr Cilian Roden of GMIT on the Drummin Woodland Walk we organised in 2015 to raise awareness of Ireland’s diminishing ancient woodlands. Also attending, Gordon D’Arcy, Mary Mulvey & Jack Roberts.

Gold Certified Ecotourism

Managed Crann Og Eco Farm to Gold Certification by Eco Tourism Ireland. Enhanced business and created online presence which we manage to date. included crafting new luxury yurts like this one.

ReNature Retreats Ireland

Helped develop and market the unplugged ReNature Retreats in Ireland off the ground. Managed and catered the initial four events to rave reviews, a digital detox retreat combined with wellness activities and Irish mysticism.

Sacred Fire Community

We managed the first ever gathering and training retreats of the Sacred Fire Community in Ireland.

Lomi Lomi Massage Retreat

Lomi Lomi Massage Ireland’s annual teacher training retreat. Week long retreat for the best of Ireland’s Hawaiian massage therapists.

Forest school for children.

Nature Based Education Ireland

Supported the formation of Forest School Classes, Guided Nature Therapy walks and Living Willow Workshops with Marion Edler-Burke and Flor Burke at Crann Og Eco Farm.

Wild Food Mary

Developed the wild food foraging workshops at Crann Og Eco Farm by Wild Food Mary and created her website.

Conscious Earth Retreats Portugal

Developed websites for the crew at Conscious Earth for healing retreats and additional accommodations at Wysteria Lodge. Created workflows and catered a number of retreats.

The Way Of The Bards

Managed event and hosting of the Treewild youth organisation from the US on their Irish Bards Tour. Provided hosting and work programs for the youth groups and sourced presenters.

A Circle of Men - Samhain Gathering

Managed event and catered for a mens only retreat over Halloween weekend. Included local presenters and representatives from the UK ManKind Project.

Overview Of What We Do


b3lineicon|b3icon-computer-code||Computer Code

Technical and Online

Leverage technology that big businesses use to be very successful, so you can be too.

Make such services affordable for good causes so they are not drowned out online.

Our office is virtual and we’re a small tactical team, so it’s easy for us to be on your side.

We’ll even donate our support to environmental causes if we can.

b3lineicon|b3icon-users-group||Users Group

Build and Manage

Build up and manage successful retreats, venues and ecotourism experiences.

Manage your project, consult for you, mentor you or supplement your team.

More than geeks and bosses, we get our hands dirty too, we love it.

So even if you need a funky venue built, or cool and calm event hosts or caterers, we do that too.


Create and Support

To keep your project rocking we create strategies to keep you active with your audience.

Creating relevant content programs to keep the interest focussed on what you do.

Continuous background support service taking care of online assets and business management.

Total support so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, knowing we’ve got your back!

Working Together For Change

Technological change is rampant and problematic, yet we all need to leverage technology to connect with our audience, run our projects and spread our message.

Furthermore we all want support from folk who understand the challenges we face and can see our vision of the future.

To remain effective promoting positive change, we need to work together as a team!

Choose Your Field

Our Core Values

In our work and personal lives, these are our guiding principles.


We put people first.

We treat our clients like family, they are our top priority.

We help those less fortunate all we can.

We do the right thing, always.

Not just when it is convenient – integrity is behind every move we make.

Our client’s success is our success.

We go way beyond the call of duty, we deliver on our word every time.

We’re commited to excellence across the board.

All the details count, so too empathy, transparency, sustainability and community.

We work toward simplicity.

We make the tough stuff simple by working smarter, not harder.



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